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Jan 30, 2023

A serial killer who was "too intelligent to get caught" is the subject of today's podcast.

Kate Winkler Dawson joins us to talk about 19th century murderer Edward Rulloff.

You can find her book on Rulloff, All That Is Wicked: A Gilded-Age Story of Murder and the Race to Decode the Criminal Mind, at Amazon:

Jan 23, 2023

A young woman is found hanged to death in her millionaire boyfriend's mansion. What happened?

We discuss this very strange case with New York Times Best Selling author Caitlin Rother.  

You can find Death on Ocean Boulevard: Inside the Coronado Mansion Case at Amazon:

Thanks Caitlin!



Jan 9, 2023

A 30-year-old cold case solved within two hours by a citizen scientist using a laptop and DNA data is the subject of this all-new edition of Jim Harold's Crime Scene.

Our guest is Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Humes. We discuss this fascinating case and his recent book on it.

You can find The Forever Witness: How DNA and...