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Dec 18, 2019

We talk about the true story of British murderer Dennis Nilsen on this edition of Crime Scene. Our guest is author Alan Warren.

You can find his book on Nilsen at Amazon: Drinks, Dinner & Death: The True Story of Dennis Nilsen (British Criminals Book 4)

Thanks Alan!

Dec 11, 2019

Dr. Rebecca Hayes joins us to talk about the interaction between social media and crime on this edition of Crime Scene.

You can find her book at Amazon: #Crime: Social Media, Crime, and the Criminal Legal System (Palgrave Studies in Crime, Media and Culture)

Thanks Dr. Hayes!

Dec 7, 2019

Rachel Monroe examines the appeal of true crime to women in her recent book, Savage Appetites. We talk about it on this edition of Crime Scene.

You can find her book at Amazon: Savage Appetites

Thanks Rachel!

Oct 31, 2019

Famed trial lawyer Mike Papantonio joins us to talk about his fight against the pharmaceutical industry over the opioid crisis.

You can find his novel based on the crisis at Law and Addiction

Thanks Mike!


Oct 18, 2019

Former FBI Special Agent Jerri Williams talks to us about FBI Myths and Misconceptions.

You can check out her book at Amazon: FBI Myths and Misconceptions: A Manual for Armchair Detectives

Also, find her podcast FBI Retired Case File Review wherever you get your podcasts!

Thanks Jerri! What a great guest you...